FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1- How is the their transplant performed?

Hair transplant is the process of harvesting hair follicles (follicular units) from the donor area and transplanting them to the target area. The first step in FUE hair transplant method typically requires hair follicles to be harvested from the donor area with tiny needle-sized incisions. The second step consists of transplanting harvested hair to the opened channels in the target area.

2- Does the new hair look natural after the hair transplant?

Yes. Dogalife guarantees a natural look.

3- How long does the session last?

The session duration is approximately six hours. The patient lies in the bed for the first part of the operation and sits on an orthopaedic seat in the second part of the operation. During this part, patient can enjoy reading book and enjoy our snacks at the breaks.

4- What should perform the hair transplant operations?

It should be performed by specialists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons who received education on the subject of hair transplant, as hair transplant is a surgical process.

5- Where should the operations be performed ?

It should be performed at the clinicals that have specialists and license from the Ministry of Health.

6- What are the hair transplant methods?

Today, FUE and FUT methods are used for hair transplant processes.

7- What are the hair transplant procedures?

Hair transplant is a hair follicle transplant process. Hair follicles are taken by the FUE method which is practiced all around the world. Dogalife has been performing the FUE method since 2009.

8- How is the PRP supported hair transplant done?

PRP is one of the greatest methods which stops sudden hair loss and gives time for diagnosis no matter what causes the hair loss.

9- What is the PRP treatment?

PRP treatment can performed on women and men who have hair thinning problem but are not yet totally bald. It is also used for spot baldness which is medically called “ALOPECIA AREATA”.

10- How long is the healing process after the operation?

The patient can go back to social life right after the operation.

11- Are there any special instructions before the hair transplant operation?

If you are on blood thinners you will be asked to stop them approximately one week prior to operation. It is also recommended to avoid or limit your use of tobacco products. Patients should also avoid alcohol one day prior to hair transplant surgery.

12- Who can be considered for hair transplant?

Hair transplant can be performed almost on anyone. The cause of hair loss is an important factor and final decision can be made by specialists after the hair analysis.

13- How long does it take hair to grow after the hair transplant operation?

It takes 5-6 months for transplanted hair to grow.

14- What is the treatment for male pattern hair loss?

If the hair loss is not at a high level, treatments such as Hair Mesotheraphy, PRP, HairDetox or beneficial lotions can be applied. If the hair loss is at a high level, hair transplant should be performed.

15- Who can consider the hair transplant?

The hair transplant can be performed almost on anyone. The cause of hair loss is an important factor and final decision can be made by specialists after the hair analysis.

16- What is the FUE method hair transplant?

FUE is the abbreviated form of Follicular Unit Extraction. Hair follicles are individually removed from a densely haired area with a special tool and transplanted to the desired area on the same day. This method, as a principle allows the removed hair to be used in the process.

17- How are the hair follicles evaluated?

Hair follicles are evaluated after the examination of the specialist.

18- How is the cost of hair transplant calculated?

The cost is calculated depending on the grafts to be transplanted.

19- Does the hair transplant leave marks on the scalp?

The FUE method does not leave any residual mark and gives a natural look.

20- Is there a need for special hair care after the surgery?

Patients can use the shampoos and lotions approved by our clinic.

21- What is the natural hairline?

Hairline is the border where the forehead and the hair on the scalp meet. The hairline should be in harmony with the person’s face structure. Therefore, it should be evaluated depending on mathematical models to get aesthetically pleasing proportions. The hairline is set symmetrically by a special laser device in Transmed. The natural hairline look is completely related to the final look.

22- Is there any pain during the hair transplant process?

Local anaesthesia is used during the process. Therefore, no pain is felt during or after the process.

23- Is it possible that transplanted hairs might fall one day?

Dogalife has 90% success rate on hair transplant.

24- How is the eyebrow transplant performed?

This process starts with the patient’s decision on the desired look after consulting their plastic surgeon. Afterwards, a mild sedative is given to the patient and the area is locally anesthetized. The process takes approximately an hour and the patient can take shower 24 hours after the operation.

25- How is the beard transplant performed?

Anyone with hair on the scalp can have facial transplant done. The hair follicles are harvested from the thin haired area just above the nape or from the area above the ear. Just like in the hair transplant procedures, FUE method can be performed on patients who can shave and FUT method can be performed on patients who do not want to shave fully.

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