FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


1- How is the their transplant performed? Hair transplant is the process of harvesting hair follicles (follicular units) from the donor area and transplanting them to the target area. The first step in FUE hair transplant method typically requires hair follicles to be harvested from the donor area with tiny needle-sized incisions. The second step [...]

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Non-Surgical Hair Treatments


New treatments introduced in the past few years to regrow hair lost from male pattern baldness might be a better choice if you're on the fence about the old standby treatments or you haven't gotten the results from them you were hoping for. Pills and lotions don't work for everyone. If they do work for [...]

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Fue Hair Transplant


Hair transplant is an operation of extracting graft (3-4 hairs in one extracting) from the donor area ( hairs between two ears) where hair loss does not occur genetically, and placing them to the recipient area (Where baldness has on the head) . Grafts which were placed to recipinent area protect their genes as in [...]

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